IMMAC Research

Reviewing with Diligence and Foresight

In organisational terms, IMMAC research is part of the Acquisitions business unit.

Pre-acquisition audits conducted by IMMAC research ensure that every investment plan is subjected to an in-depth review that covers location, demand and competition and included an on-site viewing.

The key question here is always the following: Is the investment property, from a market perspective, suitable for a sustainable investment and is an acquisition recommendable from a market perspective?

The specially developed database combines property-related data with a wide range of statistical indicators, so that a comprehensive and, above all, neutral picture is available for each investment.
In addition to the pre-acquisition audits for existing facilities, IMMAC research supports the construction department in their market assessment and their search for suitable locations.
Moreover, the Research unit acts as intra-group contact for any issue concerning market action and competition.

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