Part of IMMAC’s corporate citizenship is the sponsorship of sports, culture and the socio-economy. The commitment started with yachting in 2002 before being expanded to include other areas.


IMMAC Sailing Team

  • In 2002, the IMMAC Sailing Team was formed.
  • Yachting sponsor in Germany
  • The sailing team consists of about 40 sailors
  • Participation and high scores in professional sailing regattas worldwide

IMMAC Academy e. V.

  • The pro-bono fundraising club was set up in 2010.
  • Supporting young yachting talent
  • Sponsoring schools and yacht clubs in particular
  • Annual call for applications and awarding of Optimist dinghies to clubs and schools in Germany.
  • Close collaboration with the non-profit Schleswiger Werkstätten shop in Kappeln
  • Optimist regatta involving all dinghies handed over
  • Handover of 120 Optimist dinghies so far.


  • IMMACultur was set up in 2009
  • Promoting exceptional talents
    who have hard time finding sponsors
    in times of tight cultural budgets
  • Participating artists so far:
    Friedrich Kleinhapl (cello)
    Mauro Lo Conte (piano)
    Miki Yumihari (piano)
    Felix Dehmel Trio
  • Annual recording of a CD by the currently sponsored musician(s)